New World™

by Nouveau Life™


1. Start Life
2. 新鮮なスキーム
3. A New Feeling
4. アンドロイド未来
5. Economy Class
6. 過去の宇宙 esc.
7. Refund Policies
8. 回転ビジョン = 新しいビジョン
9. The New World, その新しいあなた
10. esc. 完全な
11. あなたは今、新しい世界に入っている
12. Welcome to New World™

Are you fed up with your day to day life? Tired of the world you're stood before?

Then why not sign up for the New World™ brought to you by Nouveau Life™.

We offer only the very best at New World™, bringing you a streamline and, premium life style with no blips along the way, guaranteed!

New World™ by Nouveau Life™, "Trust us. It's all you have left."


Cassettes are a limited edition of 50.

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released March 26, 2015



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